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I’m Brandon and I’m the Geek.  I started this site in March 2015 as a resource for players that like daily fantasy sports. I will provide lineup suggestions, injury news, site reviews, and promotional items relating to daily fantasy sports.  I’m always open to feedback, so please visit our contact us page if you would like to contact me.  My goal is to change me to eventually to us. As the site grows so will the staff.

I’ve been playing fantasy sports for over 18 years. When I first started playing we kept track of everything the old fashioned way – with pen and paper. There were no sites available to use at the time, as our first football league had a custom scoring system. There just weren’t any options to keep track of our scores online. We used the box scores from the Monday and Tuesday newspapers to calculate our scores. We then wrote a summary for the week, which was handed or faxed to all of the players in the league. Our Sundays always revolved around fantasy football, food, and a few adult beverages.

I consider daily fantasy sports to be online gaming – more specifically online skill gaming.  I consider it to be very much like online poker. Though luck might be the largest determining factor as to who wins or loses on any given day, the skillful players will be the ones winning in the long term.  If you get frustrated with daily losses or even consecutive losing weeks, then daily fantasy sports probably isn’t a good way to try and make extra income.  There will be many losing days and losing weeks. There is no way around it, as the best of the best simply don’t win every day.

In addition to the daily fantasy sports content I will also be adding some poker and sports betting content.  Many (probably most) daily fantasy sports players also have an interest in either poker or sports betting, or both. I already own and run a few sites in these verticals, and will more than likely merge some of that content into this site.  I’m looking to scale down the amount of sites that I run to concentrate on projects that I’m most interested in. This project just happens to top the list.

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