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Article by Scott Jack

Updated: October 29th 2015

FantasyAces.com has been operating since the opening day of MLB in 2013, so they’re not a new platform and have a relatively active player base. Traffic levels aren’t on the same level as the two big DFS sites. This can be a good thing as you will definitely get more personalized service from them, and likely better player specific promotions.

Traffic shouldn’t be major concern when joining a daily fantasy sports website unless you’re only interested in playing guaranteed prize pool (GPPs) contests. FantasyAces has some decent options for this as well.

Before we discuss the finer points of this review, here are some quick facts.


  • URL: FantasyAces.com
  • Email: Use online contact form
  • Employees: 1-10
  • Offices: California
  • Countries Allowed: United States & Canada
  • Restricted Regions: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada & Washington

FantasyAces has grown since launching a couple years ago. The company will payout over $8,000,000 during NFL contests in 2015 alone – that’s not counting the prize pools for any other sports (NBA, MLB, etc).

The standard bonus at FantasyAces.com is a 100% percent first deposit bonus for up to $250.

Keep in mind – the funds are kept in a separate balance initially. The bonus is cleared at a rate of 5% of your buy-ins (IE: Receive $5 of the bonus for every $100 spent on buy-ins to play in DFS contests).

Are you a grinder? FantasyAces is trying to promote activeness among the player base. They have a tiered monthly bonus in place to reward active players. You can win free money based on the following stipulations.

  • Win 20-124 contests in a month = $0.10 bonus for each win.
  • Win 125-249 contests in a month = $0.15 bonus for each win.
  • Win 250+ contests in a month = $0.30 bonus for each win.

It may not seem like a lot, but if you play cash games it doesn’t take long to rack up the wins each night. Say you average 20 wins a night. To keep it simple let’s assume 30 days are in the month.

  • 20 Daily Wins * 30 Days * $0.30 = $180 in bonus cash.

Players can compete in big GPPs, including several contests with live finals. The 2015 FantasyAces Football Championship (FAFC) has a $500,000 prize pool and first place will win a $100,000 (Just 40 entries).

FantasyAces offers regular freeroll contests (Free contests with real money prizes). If you win a cash prize in a freeroll, you have to play through the amount four times before requesting a payout.

This term is simply to prevent players from winning freerolls with no intention of playing at FantasyAces.


How to open a FantasyAces account

Here’s the information you need to provide when opening an account.

  • First name and last name.
  • Email address.
  • Country and state or province.
  • Username and password.
  • Use our promo code “PUT PROMO CODE HERE” to get an exclusive bonus.

You can view the registration form to the right – that’s all of the personal information you need to provide. Once your account is open, you’ll want to verify your email account and set-up a payment method (See below).

Types of daily fantasy sports contests at FA

First off, there are two contest formats at FantasyAces – classic and SalaryPro.

Classic is the same as what other DFS sites offer. Players receive a salary cap and have to pick a line-up based on the roster requirements. However, SalaryPro is a unique way to play daily fantasy sports contests.

Here’s how the SalaryPro format works.

In the NFL, players receive a $55,000 salary cap to build a line-up. Players will receive a +0.25 point bonus on their score for every $50 under the cap with a maximum of a 25 point bonus.

You can also take a -0.50 penalty on your score for every $50 you spend over the salary cap with a maximum penalty of -50 points. Obviously, you would never want to go in a big hole, but this format can pay dividends.

It adds another layer of strategy to daily fantasy sports and makes for more interesting and varied LUs.

SalaryPro contests are offered for NFL, NBA, MLB, CFB and PGA contests. The only sport you can’t play this format in is the NHL. Only classic daily fantasy hockey contests are available at this time.

Contests can be played for free or as high as $535, but most have buy-ins below $100.

The types of DFS contests available include the following.

  • Winner take all
  • Top 2 or top 3
  • 50/50 Double-Up
  • Tournament (H2H, 3-10 entries, 10-25 entries, 25-100 entries and 100+ entries)
  • Qualifier (Satellites)
  • Survivor

Click on “Filters” from the FantasyAces lobby to select any filters you’d like to help narrow down your search.

Joining a contest and features list at FantasyAces

Here’s an image of the FantasyAces lobby, it’s definitely a little more colourful than competitors.

Click the “Blue” draft button to be brought to the line-up screen where you build your team. From this screen you can view the prices of every player and start building your team based on the roster requirements.

If you scroll under the line-up screen you’ll see a cool 3D image showing your players. I haven’t seen any other competitors doing this yet and it’s a nice feature that makes the line-up screen a bit more interactive.

Here’s an image of the contest page for the NFL, although it’s identical for other sports, just with different roster requirements obviously. I haven’t posted the 3D image – I’ll leave that as a surprise for you to check out.

FantasyAces offers several great features too, including daily fantasy news and research tools.

They have a unique “Scout” feature, which is a DFS research tool available for all of the sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, CFB and PGA). You no longer need to spend time hunting down statistics all over the Internet.

The stats are relatively in-depth and can provide great insight, especially for new DFS players.

All of the statistics can be broken down by current season, last week, last two weeks, last four weeks and last eight weeks. You can scout players and they’ll appear on the line-up page when building your teams.

This allows you to do some research and scout players to review later when building LUs.

When you select a player from the line-up screen, you’ll be presented with a player profile that includes stats for each of the player’s most recent games. There’s also a fantasy news feed available for every player.

Deposits and withdrawals at FantasyAces

The banking options at FantasyAces include Paypal or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard & Discover). Deposits can be made using any of the above options as long as you deposit a minimum of $5.

Withdrawals are fast (24-48) unless you require a check. FantasyAces uses Paypal to payout players, but if you use a credit card to fund your account, you’ll receive the deposited amount back onto your card first.

For example, if you deposited $500 and now have $1000 to withdraw, $500 would be sent back to your credit card and the remaining $500 would be sent to your Paypal account.

FantasyAces will also payout players through check, but they take up to 15 days to process and you have to withdraw a minimum of $100. Paypal has some fees, but it’s a quick and safe method to receive your money.

If you win $600+ in a calendar year, you need to submit a social security number (SSN) before being paid.