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What’s the newest sport to grace the daily fantasy sports industry? Well, that’d be NASCAR. Learn how and where to play daily fantasy NASCAR.

This exhaustive guide will give every player the head start they need against the rest of the competition. One of our main sponsors – DraftKings — is the only major DFS site to offer NASCAR. We recommend only playing DFS NASCAR here for now.

The time NASCAR fans have been waiting for is here. You no longer need to compete for minuscule prizes in season-long leagues. It is now possible to win thousands in one afternoon or night, while watching the best sport in the world.

I’m sure you’re interested in learning how to build your line-up and tips to win, but first we need to discuss the rules.

Best real money daily fantasy NASCAR sites

  • DraftKings: The only daily fantasy site offering real money DFS NASCAR contests. Sign-up and get a $600 welcome bonus.

There may only be one major player offering real money NASCAR contests, but that’ll change in time. NASCAR is still very new to the industry and I’m sure more sites will add the sport, but for now DraftKings is the home for playing daily fantasy auto racing.

DFS NASCAR rules and scoring

It turns out DraftKings was able to format NASCAR similar to other sports, so the learning curve is negligible.

However, new players won’t have any idea how to play daily fantasy NASCAR, which is why I’ll explain everything.

First off, you receive a $50,000 salary cap to select five NASCAR drivers to build your line-up. Each driver is priced differently and you won’t be able to load up on more than two of the elite drivers, although we’ll talk more strategy later in the guide.

Drivers will score most points for finishing strong in a race. A driver will receive between 1 to 46 points depending upon where they finish in the race. For instance, 1st place gets 46 points, 2nd place gets 42 points, 3rd place gets 41 points and so on.

The full breakdown on how many points a driver receives for his finishing position is available at DK.

Draftkings-NascarThere are several other scoring categories and they’re are shown below:

  • Place Differential: +/- 1 Point
  • Pass Differential: +/- 0.25 Points
  • Fastest Laps: +0.5 Points
  • Laps Led: +0.25 Points

Let’s take a look at an example of the scoring in action. I played in a few DFS NASCAR tournaments last week for the 2015 Axalta 400 at Pocono (June 7th 2015). Martin Truex Jr. ended up winning the race and here’s his score broken down by category.

  • Place Differential: +2 Points (Started in 3rd and finished in 1st)
  • Pass Differential: +3.5 Points (His PD was +14)
  • Fastest Laps: +19 Points (He had the fastest lap 38 times)
  • Laps Led: +24.25 Points (He led 97 laps)
  • Finishing Position: +46 Points (He finished in 1st)
  • Total: 94.75 Points

Keep in mind – you can also score negative points with a driver if he under performs. For example, Ryan Newman didn’t finish the race and he ended up with -25.5 points, so one bad driver can take you right out of the money – similar to DFS Golf.

Scoring is updated in real-time, but may be adjusted at the conclusion of the race to fix potential mistakes.

Line-ups can be changed up to roughly five minutes before the race starts, which is when all line ups lock.

DFS NASCAR strategy and tips

Before heading off to play at the leading daily fantasy NASCAR site (DraftKings) – spend some time reading through our strategy section.

I’m sure new players will be disappointed that they can’t stack Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick and the other elite drivers together to build a line-up, but think about it this way. If there were no salaries – 80% of the tournament would have the same line-up.

Not only would that be pointless, but nobody would be making any serious money playing real money daily fantasy NASCAR contests.

That’s why we have salaries in place – it makes it interesting and differentiates the line-ups. There may still be multiple winning line-ups some weeks, but the chances of that happening are small and it’s uncommon to have a tie at the top of the leaderboard.

The most expensive drivers each week will be between $13,000 – $14,000, while a handful of other drivers at the very least will be priced above $11,000 each. Nine drivers were priced over $11,000 last week, so expect that to be a good guide for the future.

A minimum priced driver will cost $7,000, so there are no real bargains when you only have $50,000 to build your line-up.

You can build your line-up around two elite drivers, but in my opinion that’s not the best method. However, DFS NASCAR is still new and we’re all working out our strategies for building an ideal line-up at this point.

I believe you should target one driver from the elite tier, such as a Kevin Harvick.

You’ll often be looking for value in the $9,000 range where a lot of drivers are priced. We’ll look at tips for finding the best drivers later in the guide. Building around two strong drivers in the $9,000 range will give you a lot of flexibility.

Let’s get into some tips for finding the best drivers each week.

You’re going to need to do research every week, as the finishing order varies significantly week in and week out.

  • Track Form: You need to research past results and see how every driver has performed on the track. Some tracks are raced on twice every year, while other tracks only have one race annually, so there isn’t a ton of data to use.
  • Recent Form: I don’t weigh this factor nearly as much as track form. Ideally, I want drivers performing well all the time, but you have to consider other factors such as weather or if a driver has struggled on a track like this in the past.
  • Qualifying Position: Sure, you may want to take the pole winner. However, due to scoring for pass differential and place differential, you want to also target drivers that may have qualified poorly, but are likely to finish the race strong.
  • Qualifying Speed/Time: If one car is dominating in qualifying you may want to target that car. Even if a driver doesn’t win, scoring points for leading laps and having the fastest laps can add up very quickly.

The above will help you build your line-up. I like to target drivers that I believe will finish higher than where they started. The last thing you want to do is pick a driver that qualifies well, but never finishes a race well, as you’ll end up negative in place differential.

Some weeks may just not go your way when playing real money DFS NASCAR – no matter how much research you do.

Accidents are prevalent in NASCAR and even the best drivers get caught up in the mix sometimes.

Sign-up to the DraftKings.com – the best daily fantasy auto racing website — and start cashing in on your knowledge this week.

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