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DFS-UFCAuthor: Scott Jack

Daily fantasy MMA has been around for a little while now, but there’s still plenty of room to grow and DraftKings is at the forefront.

Several DFS sites are available that are exclusively dedicated to DFS MMA, but we recommend DraftKings for the biggest and best contests around. DraftKings is the only major DFS site to offer UFC contests right now.

You’ll even get a free ticket to enter a real money UFC daily fantasy contest at DK when you join and complete a deposit.

Best real money daily fantasy UFC sites

  • DraftKings: $600 Sign-up bonus, biggest UFC daily fantasy contests and simple scoring.

There are a couple more real money daily fantasy UFC sites out in the market already, but none compare to DraftKings. Whether you wan to play heads-up contests or big guaranteed contests – DK offers real money fantasy players the best experience.

DFS UFC rules and scoring

Before you can begin to play real money UFC daily fantasy – you need to learn how the scoring works.

The rules are simple and I’m going to explain them all – I’ll also detail how your fantasy team scores points.

Each line-up (Roster) consists of five UFC fighters from one event. You’ll be able to choose any fighters on the fight card, although every fight is priced differently and you only have $50,000 in money to build the best line-up possible.

Believe me – $50k sounds like a lot, but it isn’t nearly enough to build a line-up of the biggest favorites.

At best – you’ll be able to choose two big favorites, but you’ll also be hurting elsewhere if you do that. You’re always going to need to have multiple underdogs in your line-up, so being able to handicap UFC fights is a huge benefit when playing DFS UFC.

If a fight is cancelled – DraftKings will make note of the change — but it’s up to you to change your LU. Line-ups will lock once the first prelim fight gets underway and from that points on there is no way to change any of your fighters.

There’s no “late lock” for the UFC contests, which means you can’t change fighters up until they actually fight. This would be a nice feature, as it’d allow you to make strategic moves to certain line-ups as the event progresses, but this way is still fair for everyone.

It says scoring is updated in real-time, but that’s not quite the case. It can take a few minutes for round scores to show up and it’s common for changes to be made. However, you’ll have a good idea of how you’re doing just by watching the fights.

Let’s get into the scoring, which is the most important part you need to understand.

The first scoring category we’re going to look at is called “Fight conclusion bonuses”. Winning fighters earn a bonus based on when they finish the fight and the bonuses are as followed:


  • 1st Round Win = 100 Points
  • 2nd Round Win = 70 Points
  • 3rd Round Win = 50 Points
  • 4th Round Win = 50 Points
  • 5th Round Win = 50 Points
  • Decision Win = 25 Points

No matter when your fighter wins – you’ll receive a bonus. However, the bonuses are clearly top-heavy.

Scoring also takes place during the fight and here’s exactly how fighters can score points.

  • Significant Strikes = 0.5 Points
  • Advance = 1 Point
  • Takedown = 2 Points
  • Reversal/Sweep = 2 Points
  • Knockdown = 3 Points

That’s it – like I said — the scoring is very simple for daily fantasy MMA and it doesn’t take a rocket genius to put together a line-up that’ll be competitive in the big guaranteed tournaments hosted at DraftKings.

Fighters never lose points in DFS UFC, so it’s impossible to score negative points.

Check out the roster selection page for the UFC at DraftKings below and then head over to DK and play real money UFC fantasy this weekend.

Read over my tips and strategy section below before heading over to DK and competing in your first DFS contest.

DFS UFC strategy and tips

After reading the rules and scoring section – I’m sure it’s fairly obvious that you should target fighters that have a good chance to finish a fight early. Typically the highest scoring fighters will score around 120 points on DraftKings.

If you can hit a fighter that ends his fight in the first round you’re going to score anywhere from 105-120 points basically.

Your first goal should be to find the one fighter on the card that has the best chance to win in the first round. Take the biggest favorites and then analyze the over/under odds and the method of victory odds.

Look for a big favorite where the under rounds is juice and where a win by stoppage is juiced. Often heavyweights are the best bet, as most HW fights end early. These types of fighters will also be the highest priced on DK, though.

Now you need to find a couple underdogs that you like to win. Ideally they’d be a threat to win by stoppage, but even a decision win can go a long way to helping your LU win. I’ve seen many winning line-ups in the big contests with multiple decision wins.

The key is to not have a fighter lose, as that’ll ensure you have no shot of winning the big field contests.

You’re not going to be able to have all finishers in your LU either. I’ve seen many fighters win by decision and score over 100 points on DK because they’re active. Look at the stats and target fighters that fight at a high pace and land a lot of strikes / takedowns.

It’s not uncommon for a fighter to land 100 significant strikes in a fight – mix in a couple takedowns / knockdowns / advances and you have a fighter that will score anywhere from 50 to 75 points with some luck. Plus, you get 25 more points for a decision win.

I see a lot of people gamble and take a power striker that always has a chance to win by early TKO/KO, but often loses because his technical ability isn’t up to par. I’d rather take an active fighter who’ll likely win by decision as long as he has a good match-up.

Lastly – don’t be afraid to mix it up in the low buy-in daily fantasy MMA guaranteed events.

You’d be surprised at the line-up that end up winning those week in and week out. Don’t stack up on main card fighters either – the best underdog value is often on the prelim card and you’ll need to hit those plays to have a shot at winning big.

Start playing at the best daily fantasy UFC site today and get a $600 bonus – join DraftKings.com today.

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